Dear clients!

Dear Sir and Madam!


We take the current COVID-19 situation as an opportunity to inform you about the most important aspects from a business perspective. In the annex, you will find a summary of the most important statements concerning labour law issues, assistance and support measures for entrepreneurs. The aim is to provide an overview and quick answers to the most important questions – without any guarantee or claim to completeness.


Despite the current exceptional situation, it is clearly NOT to be assumed at present that the government will impose a general „tax and contribution moratorium“. This means: all tax obligations (declarations and payments) must continue to be fulfilled in their totality.


However, since a large number of companies have to face enormous economic challenges due to the current situation, it will be particularly important to use the possibilities regarding applications for deferral, instalments and reductions towards tax authorities as well as social insurance and health insurance. Likewise, possible applications for support and assistance to ensure liquidity, especially in the case of quarantined operations.


Especially in this situation, we are available to advise and support you to manage this.


Although, the situation do not hold on our office either. In order to protect both our employees and you in the most effective way, we will therefore take the following measures to actively assist contain the corona virus:

  • We will continue to be available for all your questions and concerns by phone and by e-mail; we will provide you with updated information on labour law and information on specific opportunities for business development and support services.
  • We will reduce personal customer appointments to a minimum as far as possible until further notice;
  • For the time being, documents can be dropped off as usual during our opening hours or sent by email or cloud
  • All services we provide for you as a client are carried out in full and unchanged in the highest quality (payroll accounting, ongoing bookkeeping, tax returns, communication with the tax authorities, etc.)
  • Some of our employees will be working in home office with immediate effect; however, our telephone and electronic availability will of course remain unchanged.


These are certainly extraordinary times that put the cohesion of a society to the test. Let us stand together, overcome these challenges together and patiently, and then gather again soon optimistically, also in person.


Until then, you and your families have our very best wishes!


Philip Chlupacek, Michael Brookhouse, Paul Hafner

and Taxcoach Team




COVID-19 Important Information 200324

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